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Standards Resource



Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts




Common Core State Standards in Mathematics                                               http://www.corestandards.org/assets/CCSSI_Math%20Standards.pdf



National Standards for Dance                                              http://www.aahperd.org/nda/profDevelopment/standards.cfm



National Dance Education Organization Standards




New York State Standards for the Arts




New York City Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance Pre-K-12.








General Resources

African-American Contributions to Theatrical Dance
A comprehensive dance history site covering topics such as plantation dances, American vernacular dances, and minstrelsy.
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Although still under construction, this site provides a tour schedule for AAADT and Ailey II, and information about the Ailey School and the Ailey camp.
American Dance Festival
Originally named The Bennington School of Dance, today's American Dance Festival includes performances, workshops, archives, and classes ranging from body therapies to repertory, composition, and all major dance techniques.
Archives of Early Lindy Hop
Learn more about the "Lindy Hop," and watch QuickTime video clips of noted "Lindy Hop" dancers.
ARTS (Arts Recognition and Talent Search) Competition
Arts recognition and talent search, a program of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.
BAMBOOZLED: The Minstrel Show
A brief history of black face and minstrel shows, with clips from Spike Lee's movie BAMBOOZLED, as well as original animated cartoons.
Beacon Learning Center
Beacon Learning Center provided standards based lesson plans. Lesson plans can be located based on specific SSS Benchmarks taught.BLC also provided web space for teachers.
Creative Dance
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
Learn about choreographer Merce Cunningham and the history of his dance company at this site.
Dance Films Association, Inc.
This association promotes "excellence in dance films and video and public awareness through festivals, screenings, publications, grants, and workshops."
Division of Cultural Affairs
The Division of Cultural Affairs awards, administers, monitors, and evaluates cultural grant programs of the Department of State, as well as plans and implements programs designed to gain national and international recognition on behalf of Florida artists and arts organizations.
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
One of the preeminent performing arts centers in the United States, The Kennedy Center produces and presents a variety of theater and musicals; dance and ballet; orchestral, chamber, jazz, popular, and folk music; and multimedia performances for all ages.
Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies
A Web site with information on the teaching and the study of movement in all its forms.
This PBS web site has links to Arts related links which can be used in association with programs on the PBS stations.
Rhythmic Movement Dance Series
Dancer, educator, choreographer Susan Kramer presents texts for pre-k-20 showing progressive techniques and lesson plans in rhythmic dance and ballet in HTML and PDF formats. Texts written to include the U.S. National Standards for Arts Education in dance.
Royal Academy of Dance
Classical ballet is exciting, demanding and inspiring. For ballet to retain its vigor it is vital to have professional classical ballet teachers, equipped with internationally recognized qualifications, imparting their knowledge and love of dance to future generations.
StreetSwing.com: Dance History Archives
Descriptive histories on the proliferation of dances like the "Cakewalk," the "Black Bottom," and the "Charleston" as well as information on dancers Master Juba and Zip Coon.
A search tool for lesson plans and resources related to the arts and interdisciplinary lessons.
XSPASM - Dance Technology
XSpasm focuses on the application of technology in dance teaching, learning, choreography, performance and viewing. Whether it is about Kathakali, Salsa, Waltz or HipHop. Whether it is about shoes, lights, video, internet or mocap. XSpasm wants to bring together those developing the technology and those who could make good use of it.


Katherine Dunham Centers for Arts and Humanities
Read a biography of the legendary dancer and obtain information about the Katherine Dunham Dynamic Museum and Children's Workshop Institute for Intercultural Communication at this site.
The Official Fayard Nicholas Web Site
One half of the greatest tap-dancing team of all time -- the Nicholas Brothers -- Fayard Nicholas' site features an extensive biography and fabulous black-and-white photos of the duo.
Specialist Online Applications and Software
Dance Form 2.0 - choreography software.

http://charactermotion.com/ - view through Audacity® free sound editor and recorder. http://audacity.sourceforge.net

  •  FotoFlexer - Free online photo editor http://fotoflexer.com/
  •  iTunes® – audio, video, podcasts and apps: some free, some commercially available.
  • iTunes® (2012) - find free or otherwise priced titles that support Dance and theatre education including ―Autodance‖, ―Fashion Sketchbook‖, ―Lighting Designer‖ and ―Garage Band‖.
  • iTunes U® (2012) Search for ―Dance‖ in iTunes and you will find titles like ―Dance‖, ―Dance music program‖, Mixing Dance Music‖, ―Theatre & Dance‖
  •  Prezi – free online presentation tool http://www.prezi.com.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker free video editor. 



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