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Welcome to my e-portfolio.

My name is Pascal Rekoert, and I'm glad you surfed to my site!


I look forward to hearing from you after getting acquainted with my work as a dance educator.


The best way to contact me is at rekoert@ccsu.edu

Email me on the Contact Me page.

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"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not a hard duty."

Albert Einstein           



I am a certified Pre-K through 12th-grade DANCE educator with experience teaching dancers ranging from beginner to professional. Currently, I'm teaching as an Assistant Professor at Central Connecticut State University. In 2014 I was awarded a full scholarship to become a member of the inaugural group of Lincoln Center Scholars. The Lincoln Center Scholarship Program [LCSP] is an innovative collaboration between Lincoln Center, Hunter College, and the NYC Department of Education providing certification of arts specialists to meet the critical need for arts education in New York City public schools.


For the first three years of my professional dance career, I performed and taught children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 17 ten times a week under the auspices of Danstheater Arena, a professional dance company in the Netherlands. Additionally, during my tenure as a soloist and Associate Artistic Director of Jennifer Muller/ The Works (2000-2012), I experienced the value of dance education first-hand as a teaching artist in New York City public schools. I have seen the gains in cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills that an arts education can have for students. To illustrate, during one of my residencies, I connected with a teen who, according to his teacher, flourished in my classes. Over the next two months that we worked together his grades went up, he became more sociable, and his confidence grew. The success of my students has fueled my passion for teaching through the years.


My experiences choreographing commercially for Motorola, Levi's, and Dockers; performing musical theater, ballet, and contemporary work; producing dance performances like WestFest and the HATCH Presenting Series; and directing rehearsals at Jennifer Muller/ The Works have given me a deep understanding of the multiple facets of the performing arts and helps to better serve my students’ various interests. More importantly, these involvements will help guide students towards their future goals as artists and art appreciators.  




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