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"A talented artist with the ability to share his art with others through his passion, knowledge, and joy. Throughout his career, spanning performance, choreography, and teaching, he has gained a deep breadth of knowledge. I recommend Mr. Rekoert without reservation and ask that you give him every consideration for this position. He plays an integral role in the dance education community, modeling high standards for dance education in New York City public schools and in making effective connections between dance artistry and education."

Russell Granet, Acting President

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts


"Very few performers become artists, and even fewer artists leave a lasting impact beyond the theater. Pascal is an artist who cultivates other artists. For years now he has been challenging young dancers not only to pursue excellence in technique but also more importantly into becoming mindful, conscious artists who are capable of interacting and contributing to the global dialogue of dance. He leads by example and teaches students self-inquiry and empowers them to find their own creative voice."

Frank Augustyn, Associate Professor and Chair

Dance Department, Adelphi University



"Perhaps another major testament to his aptitude for leadership and a future career in education was his selection as Associate Artistic Director for Jennifer Muller/The Works for their 2012 season. I believe that an official appointment like this demonstrated his trustworthiness, dedication, and loyalty to his longstanding membership with the company and also further cemented his relevance in the New York dance scene. I undoubtedly believe that we have only seen the beginnings of what Mr. Rekoert’s effect will be on the arts in America. Without the cultivation of individuals like Pascal Rekoert, we can never attain the impact higher education has come to expect from its educators in the classroom and beyond."
Gus Solomons, Jr., Dance Educator, Freelance Writer, Performer



"[Rekoert] has gained the ability, in his studies at Hunter College, to transfer dance content, history, culture, literacy, aesthetics and performance through PreK-12 curriculum design and assessment in developmentally appropriate ways. ... he has increased his effective dance teaching expertise for all types of learners, making him a valuable resource in any dance artistic or educational setting."

Kathleen Isaac, Director of AGDEP, Hunter College



"Mr. Rekoert is an extraordinarily gifted teacher. His in-depth knowledge of dance technique and his ability to communicate its principals with energy and enthusiasm make him eminently capable of instructing and inspiring all levels of dancers from professional dancers to students of all ages."

Jennifer Muller, Artistic Director Jennifer Muller/ The Works



"Pascal Rekoert has not only stunned the audience as a performer, but he has also inspired other artists with his vision as a dance producer, and has offered his talents relentlessly as a dedicated dance teacher."

Stephanie Tack,  Business Manager, Jose Limon Dance Foundation (2011-2013)



"[Rekoert] grasps the profession as both an art form and philosophy.  And crowning this is his richness, humor, and intelligence; all of which shines through when he deals with students and people in general."

Alberto del Saz, Adjunct Lecturer Hunter College Dance Program

Artistic Director Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance, Inc.



"As an educator, I have found Mr. Rekoert to be extremely gifted. He is focused and engaged with a special talent for inspiring dancers, teaching movement, and creating a diverse repertoire of choreography. His positive nature is matched by his equally rigorous work ethic and sense of responsibility. His organizational skills foster clarity in the classroom; students understand what is expected of them. There is always an atmosphere of passion and fun coupled with respect and discipline in his studio."

Lana Carroll Heylock, Artist-In-Residence, Dance Faculty, Jacksonville University



"[Rekoert] has provided skillful encouragement and opportunity for countless artists. He instinctively creates a “safe space” for people to hone their talents. ...As a teacher, he has a tenacious commitment to technique but teaches in a way that is engaging, open and fun. And, as a choreographer, Pascal has worked with a diverse population of bodies and talents. He has an innate eye for people’s strengths."

Martha Williams, Bicoastal Dance & Film Director




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