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High School Unit (grades 9-12): Choreograph a Commercial

  • BIG IDEA: Unit builds on taught knowledge of Hip Hop dance and Tutting, and has students use technology to devise a dance promoting a product
              • Key Words: Hip Hop, commercial, tutting, technology, collaboration




High School Lesson (grades 9-12): Introduction to curves

  • BIG IDEA: Increasing pelvic awareness during torso movements.
              • Key Words: curve, stability, plie, Cunningham, Limon, Muller, balance




High School Unit (grades 9-12): Plagiarism in Dance Through the Work of De Keersmaeker & Beyoncé

  • BIG IDEA: Having a deep understanding of plagiarism in dance through the work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Beyonce.
              • Key Words: Plagiarism, flattery, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Beyonce, choreography, chairs




High School Lesson (Grades 9-12): Action Words in Dance & ELA

  • BIG IDEA: Building a connection between ELA literacy and the arts, fostering a joy for reading and writing.
              • Key Words: Action words, ELA, literacy, movement phrasing, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

action word unit L3.doc



6th Grade Lesson: Introduction to Hip-Hop

  • BIG IDEA: Building a cultural connection of the individual students lives into what they will be learning in this class
              • Key Words: Hip-Hop, South Bronx, Kool DJ Herc, pop culture, history

HipHop Lesson.doc



High School Lesson (Grades 9-12): Learning About the History of Michael Jackson's Thriller

    • Understanding the cultural and historical impact of the “Thriller” choreography to modern-day culture
              • Key Words: racial barriers, Michael Jackson, pop culture, history, MTV, music industry






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.