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Grants, Prizes & Awards:

  • Prix d’auteur du conseil général de la Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris, France (1998): Award for his performance in Truus Bronkhorst & Marien Jongewaard's "The Fall"
  • The Works' Emerging Artist Space Grant (2000-2012): Space grant provided by Jennifer Muller/The Works for creation, rehearsal, and performance
  • The Field (2008): Two-week residency at the dance facility of celebrity dancer Mikhail Barysnhikov at White Oak Plantation in Florida
  • Chashama “Best Short Film Award” (2008): Award for his short dance film "Erasmus Spitzen, Crossing a Bridge on Points"
  • Westbeth Artists Residents Council (2009/2010 & 2010/2011): Funding grant for WestFest, an international dance and dance film festival held annually at Westbeth
  • Emerging Artist Commisioning Program (2013): Funding and space grant to create original work in Elizabeth Streb's unique performance space STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM)
  • DNA's Raw Directions Commission (2013): Space grant for established mid-career choreographers to create and perform original work at Dance New Amsterdam
  • Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund (2014): Grant which fully subsidized his graduate studies as a Lincoln Center Scholar at CUNY Hunter College



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"Impressions of Heat Wave: The Jack Cole Project"

The Dance Enthusiast, Writer

May 22, 2012


"There's a New 'Stomp' in Town"

Huffington Post, Writer

June 1, 2012


"The Dance Enthusiast Asks The Men Dancers"

The Dance Enthusiast, Writer

August 9, 2012


"Impressions (before the show) of John Mark Owen's 'Requiem'"

The Dance Enthusiast, Writer

September 13, 2012


"Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance, Grades PreK-12" (Second Edition)

New York City Department of Education, Contributor

November 1, 2015



Adjudication & Mentoring of Youth:

For mentoring/ adjudication files, click on the links.

Additional files are available upon request.


2004 White Wave program insert; Selection Panel

2004 WhiteWave_inside.pdf


2006 Dumbo Dance Festival program; Selection Panel

2006 dumbo06_program_FINALproof.pdf


2010 Dumbo Dance Festival program; Selection Panel

2010 DDF friday 24 program.pdf


2011 Wave Rising Festival; Selection Panel

2011 WRS-week1printready-2.pdf


2011 Dumbo Dance Festival; Selection Panel



2012 Italian Dance & Choreography Competition in San Remo; adjudication and mentorship panel

p1 italy 2012.jpg

p2 italy 2012.jpg

p3 italy 2012.jpg

p4 italy 2012.jpg

p5 italy 2012.jpg

p6 italy 2012.jpg


Dance Magazine article of mentee; young choreographer mentorship 2014

Dance Magazine YCF 2014.pdf


2015 Dumbo Dance Festival website; Selection Panel

2015 DUMBO Dance Festival Selection Panel - WHITE WAVE DANCE.pdf


2015 Young Choreographer's Festival; mentorship of young choreographic artists & adjudication panel

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.58.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.59.29 PM.png


Amalgamate Dance: The 6th Guest Artist Showcase, GAS6; Mentorship & Industry Panelist

Guest Artist Showcase - AMALGAMATE DANCE COMPANY, INC.pdf



Choreography Samples:

Three Works: RedBlueGreen (2011), eYe (2010), Abschied (2012)



Out of the Shadows - Choreography (Excerpt, 2013)




Cool! NY Festival in Dumbo

Korean News

February 2003


All in the Feet

The Village Voice, Deborah Jowitt

February 12-18, 2003


New York Notebook: A Wave Grows in Brooklyn

Dance Magazine, Carrie Stern

February 2005


"Big Fest, Tiny Dancers: Dance group Flexicurve films Portable Dance Festival show at Brooklyn Botanic Garden"

Daily News, Joyce Shelby

March 9, 2009


"Choreographer Who Offers Cliff Notes"

New York Times, Roslyn Sulcas

June 14, 2009


Hairography! (web)

Hairography! (magazine scan)

Dance Spirit, Jen Peters

June 24, 2009


"Dance Review: Jennifer Muller/ The Works- Electrifying!"

iDANZ Critix Corner, Candice Michelle Franklin

July 9, 2009


"Jennifer Muller: THE WHITE ROOM"

Oberon's Grove, Philip Gardner

March 25, 2011


"Square Feet and Human Feet: Making a Building Move to the Music"

New York Times, Claudia LaRocco

May 2, 2011


Just Do Art!

The Villager

January 24, 2013


"Five for Five: Raw Directions at DNA Gets It Right"

OffOffOff, Quinn Batson

February 5, 2013



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