DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Here is a link to my text set. 


Robidoux Text Set.docx



I used the text set in my classroom this year after we finished the state tests and the New York State English as a Second Language Assessment Test. My students were burned out and irritable. Reading the books from the text set materials, with large, glossy imagery and interesting topics helped to bring my student's focus back to learning after the frequent schedule changes and general stress of assessments.


I teach math to ELLs and our department curriculum plan started the data and statistics unit immediately after the testing period ended. My students appreciated using the text set to read informational materials about data. Everyday they came to class motivated to read the next text and complete activities that I had paired with the texts. As stronger readers were able to finish the set faster than beginners and newcomers they volunteered to act as reading tutors and work in pairs. 


Here is one of the graphic organizers we used during our cooperative learning class activities on the Water text set. Students found answers to wh- questions from the text while reading with a partner. The graphic organizer highlighted text elements like headings, vocabulary terms and use of nonreferential it. Students 


We used the information in the texts to begin our exploration of visual displays of data.  Please look at the materials on my welcome page here to see examples of the student work from this unit.


Unfortunately some my coworkers and my principal (who completes my teacher evaluations) could not understand why I was teaching my students to read informational texts in a math class. Due to completing the text set beforehand I was able to explain my rationale to the principal and had theory and research to backup my decisions.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Below is the feedback I received for this assignment.


Hi James,

Nice job on your text set assignment! You got 25 out of 25 points. You included a clear and complete text set table, you justified your choice of 4 related texts, you explained who the text set is for and how you would use the texts. I particularly liked how well your pre-reading activities and text sequencing set students up for comprehension. See specific comments in doc.


Robidoux Text Set_Brianna comments.docx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.