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Core Values 


Reflect & observe: Take time to practice metacognition. Process your life and try to learn from your mistakes and accomplishments the first time. 


Be rooted, but have an open mindDevelop a strong foundation for who you are. Allow yourself to experience new ideas and thoughts that could extend how you view and perceive the world. 


Love & Gratitude: Be a presence of love, and be thankful for all the experiences you live. Notice the good things others do for you. Show your appreciation for the effort of others, and do something nice in return. Honor yourself for all that you do to better your life and the lives of others.


Respect: All living beings matter. Everyone has their own life story and should be honored for it. Treat yourself and others with respect. Know your boundaries, and have positive intentions for every action and word you express. Be considerate.


Communicate: As far as we know, humans are not mind readers. Respectfully communicate with everyone you choose to speak with. If something bothers you, communicate it in a way that is non-threatening. Engage in conversation with others, but always listen and receive what they are saying as well. Listen first, then speak. 


Be unapologetically you/Confidence: There is only one you. Express your ideas and do not be worried about what others think! Take pride in who you are, let your personality shine and show it to the world! Be confident in your values and share them with others. 


Support (but try not to direct): Assess when lending a helping hand to another will be appreciated. Give credit and positive vibes to your peers when they do something you admire. Do not direct or tell someone what to do. Instead, guide them to see your perspective when you feel it is necessary.


Check yourself (before you wreck yourself): Observe and understand the energy your body and mind have today. Do a whole body scan from the top of your head to tips of your toes. Make adjustments that will allow you to feel jovial and at ease in the present moment. Entertain only the thoughts that serve you in a positive way. Too often we get trapped in our own minds and hold ourselves back. Recognizing this can mean the difference between a great or a poor day. 


Question everything/Extend thinking: Receive all information and do not be afraid to question it. The mold could never be broken or reinvented without an idea that extends what we already thought was the limit. 


Self-discipline: Remain focused and have intrinsic motivation to achieve your goals on a daily basis. Stay true to your personal vision/mission and do not allow anything to get you off track. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.